Samuel R. Evans, EdS, MEd, LPC, CRC, NCC, Clinical Evaluator
The most comprehensive evaluation in Athens - Clarke County , Gwinnett and Metro Atlanta .

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Clinical Evaluation of Alcohol & Drug Use $110.
Substance Abuse Evaluation, Non- DUI $110.

What a Clinical  Evaluation by Sam Evans includes:

 1. Review of client, probation, or court documents and Motor Vehicle Report

 2. Michigan Alcohol Screen Test

3. Review of ADE NEEDS Assessment provided by RRP

4. Face-to-face interview with Clinical Evaluator Sam Evans

5. A FREE follow-up visit is also included (if you want or need one).

6. Treatment Recommendation, based on American Society of Addiction Medicine placement criteria, and a professionally prepared 40-60 page report with typed easy to read summary for probation, court, and attorney.  The length of the report depends on the individual's situation and circumstances, but is usually not less than 40 pages.  The summary is provided for quick reference to the treatment recommendation.  The report also includes copies of all original notes and documents.  The diagnostic impression and ASAM dimensions are in sequential order for easy to follow sequential documention.

There are NO hidden fees, no registration or appointment fees, no drug screen fees, no follow-up fees, no missed appointment fees, no surprises.  I include EVERYTHING in the one-time fee that you pay at the beginning of your evaluation process.
There is also no fee to send your results to probation, court, or an attorney.

The only other fee that you may encounter with me is after the evaluation is complete and has been filed, there may be a fee to transfer the evaluation to a Treatment Provider if that provider is outside our network.  (DDS will charge you for a Motor Vehicle Report / 7 Year Driving History and if your NEEDS is transferred from a DUI School other than mine, that school may charge you for the transfer)

A Non-DUI Substance Abuse Evaluation that is $110. includes all of the above elements.  However, it may or may not include the ADE NEEDS Assessment depending on your circumstances. 

In Georgia a Clinical Evaluation is defined as a Substance Abuse Evaluation performed by a licensed or certified professional who has been approved by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health.

I am approved by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health, formerly DHR, and my credentials exceed the minimum requirement.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and a National Certified Counselor.  I offer you a non-threatening experience based on the fundamentals of the Person-Centered Approach developed by the Father of Counseling, Carl Rogers.

I offer the friendliest, fastest, MOST ACCURATE, and most affordable Clinical Evaluation / Substance Abuse Evaluations in Atlanta, Athens, and Northeast Georgia.  You will not find a more comprehensive, all inclusive evaluation anywhere in Metro Atlanta, Athens, or Norhteast Georgia.  I have performed thousands of evaluations in private practice and for the Georgia Department of Corrections over the past 14 years.

Why go anywhere else when you can get the best for less cost, and the friendliest fastest MOST ACCURATE evaluation.  In a recent state audit of Clinical Evaluators in the Athens area, I received the highest score.

I also offer a sliding fee scale for Non-DUI Substance Abuse Evaluations.  If you are disabled, recently out of prison, or have other circumstances that would make the cost a financial hardship, please ask about the fee reduction that may be available on Non-DUI evaluations.  I also accept clients that have had their fees waived by the court.

Also, if you need treatment, and choose Sam Evans Co. for treatment, there is no fee to transfer your evaluation.  Also, you may be eligible for a discount or sliding fee scale in the ASAM Level 1 Program .

If you do choose Sam Evans Co. for your treatment provider, you can be confident that you have chosen a program that uses the state of the art, evidence based Prime Solutions Program by Prevention Research Institute.  This is the best program in Athens, Gwinnett, and Northeast Georgia.  Sam Evans Co. has the friendliest most professional staff in the field.

If you compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, Sam Evans and Sam Evans Co. offer you the best and most affordable services in Georgia.  Don't let so-called "Non-Profit" Counseling Services in Athens fool you.  We offer better services for less money.  If a Counseling Service quotes you a price. Here's what to ask:

1. Will I have to come to your office to make an appointment, and is there a fee that I will have to pay at the time when I make an appointment?

2. From the time that I come in to your office and pay the first fee, how long will it be before I meet with the evaluator and will I have to pay another fee at that time?

3. Is there a missed appointment fee and how much is it ?

4. How many drug screens will you require me to take and how much are they? Will I be required to come on a moments notice no matter where I am and what I'm doing to take your drug screen?  What happens if I can't ? Click here for more about drug tests

5. Are all of your evaluators listed on the  Georgia Behavioral Health Registry of Approved Clinical Evaluators at ?  Will I be seeing an evaluator who is on the registry?

6. How much will I be charged for mandatory follow-up visits?

7. From start to finish, how long will it take you to complete my evaluation and send it to whoever I need it sent to?

8. Will you provide me with a list of state approved treatment providers and allow "me" to select where I go for treatment if you recommend treatment?

9. How much will you charge me to transfer my evaluation to a treatment provider?

10. Will you require me to provide you with completion of treatment and how much will this cost me?

Ask these questions and you will see that Non-Profit Counseling Services actually may charge a lot more than you expect. 

I am confident in the quality and affordability of my services.

Come see me, Sam Evans and I'll treat you right.

Athens phone 706 549-5522
Gwinnett phone 770 466-7374

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