Samuel R. Evans, EdS, MEd, LPC, Clinical Evaluator
EVALUATIONS, Athens and Loganville, Georgia
Athens phone 706 543-3969
Loganville / Gwinnett phone 770 466-7374


State Approved Clinical Evaluations
DUI, Alcohol / Drug, Substance Abuse evaluations

I offer the fastest friendliest, most accurate, and most affordable Clinical Evaluation / Substance Abuse Evaluations in Atlanta, Athens, and Northeast Georgia.  You will not find a more comprehensive, all inclusive evaluation anywhere in Metro Atlanta, Athens, or Norhteast Georgia.  I have performed thousands of evaluations in private practice and for the Georgia Department of Corrections over the past 14 years.

The cost of a Clinical Evaluation is $110.
The cost of a regular Substance Abuse Evaluation is $110.
(M.I.P.'s, Drug Possession or Distribution, Non-DUI)

Of what does a Clinical Evaluation performed by Sam Evans consist?  Click Here to get the details