Sam Evans, Licensed Professional Counselor
(This is NOT a medical facility, and we do not
perform any medical  related services, only counseling)
Clinical Evaluation - Mental Health Evaluation -
 ASAM Level 1 Counseling - DUI School
Family Violence Intervention Program - Anger Management

1060 Gaines School Rd.
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Athens, GA 30605
Clarke County
(706) 549-5522
FAX (888) 267-4454
3735 Harrison Rd.
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Loganville, GA 30052
Gwinnett County
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FAX (888) 267-4454

Person-Centered Services
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Clinical Evaluation
Court Ordered Evaluation

... Other Person-Centered Services...

Anger Management Group Counseling

Family Violence Intervention Program
DUI / Drug Risk Reduction Program
DUI School Athens-Clarke County
DUI School Loganville Gwinnett County
Prime For Life Program, 10 Hours

ASAM Level 1 Short Term & Long Term
(Non-medical talk therapy)
Motivational Enhancement Therapy ASAM Level 1

DBH Clinical Evaluations

Mental Health Evaluations

DDS Driver Improvement Class
Defensive Driving Class - Athens



Sam Evans has over 20 years experience
in the counseling field.

Over 20 years experience in performing
clinical evaluations.

Highly rated and respected in this field.

Sam can provide you with a fast, fair, accurate, affordable, clinical evaluations.

Sam Evans also offers state approved 
talk therapy programs facilitated by his
highly trained friendly counselors.


Carl Rogers, the Father of Counseling,
YouTube Video, "Gloria",
Description of Person-Centered Therapy

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Sam Evans
Director of Programs